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It Just Got Real.

You know when someone has a baby and then for six months all they do is talk about the baby? Well, I just had another baby – this time a book and not a boy. Although it is a book about a boy. Based on the boy that I do have. Anyway. I have a…
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Learning the Ropes

So, Catherine and I went to our first Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators event today. It was a class entitled “I’d Like to Make a Picture Book. Now What?” It was taught by a well-known local author and illustrator, Mark Fearing. He talked about trends in picture books, elements a book should have to be both…
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Don’t Just Sit There. Write.

As I wrote in my earlier post, I have written some poems that I have a notion of turning into some children’s books. They were inspired by my son, but also by my desire to do…something. Something for him, something for the anxiety I feel about the world, something for my desire to better his…
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