Salt, Fire, and Time

Tressa Yellig really is the picture of health. Despite the fact that we met in her un-air conditioned kitchen during one of the worst heat waves in Portland history, she was animated and full of energy as she told me about her Community Supported Kitchen (CSK), called Salt Fire and Time. A CSK is basically an open kitchen; you can either get involved by volunteering or taking classes, or by just purchasing the food made by the chefs and volunteers. The basis of a CSK is to take the produce and meat that is grown locally, and use it to create meals for participants or consumers. With Tressa Yellig at the helm, this is taken a step further with her nutritional and historical expertise. With just a few volunteers to help, the two month old business already boasts weekly classes, a loyal following of customers, and public “feasts” that sell out quickly, every time.

To read this story in its entirety, visit Neighborhood Notes.

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