Pup sicles Help Portland Pups Beat the Heat

When the July heat wave hit Portland, Rhonda Spencer’s dogs were ready. The graphic designer whose business slowed down just enough to open up some time in her busy schedule, launched pup-sicles, a line of ice-cream treats for canines.

The idea was spawned at a dinner party, where Rhonda and friends were talking about all sorts of business ideas. An avid cook and dog lover, Rhonda brought up her dog ice cream idea. She wondered if people, like herself, wanted to reward their animals with treats that not only tasted good to them, but were not weighed down with additives and allergy inducing ingredients. Her test group—knowing her both as an animal lover but an accomplished cook—overwhelmingly approved of her proposal. It inspired her to begin testing recipes in her kitchen, using her friends’ dogs as well as her own dogs as tasters.

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