New Project in Pearl Honors Impending Green Street Designation

The Pearl District is about to get a new mixed-use project, but this one won’t be like any the neighborhood has seen before. Freedom Center 1 is being planned with NW Pettygrove’s impending Green Street designation in mind.

The project renderings look pretty modest at first glance. Three 4-story buildings, 50 x 100 ft each, filled with small studio apartments and ground-floor retail space. Principal architect Steve Fosler, of Fosler Portland Architecture readily admits that it is simple out of necessity.

“The developer wanted a design that could be financed and built in the current economic climate,” Fosler says, “which leaves you with money to build a shoebox. But we have not only worked to meet [the developers’] needs, but we surprised ourselves. We reinvented the shoebox.”

To read this story in its entirety go to Neighborhood Notes.

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