More Than Cheap Eats, Portland Soup Carts Soothe, Satiate, and Sometimes Save

I was downtown the other day, steeling myself against the cool air I wasn’t quite ready for, and I noticed a man in a suit walking past with a paper soup cup. Then I noticed another, and another. Seriously, there were a lot of soup eaters down there.

And it’s no wonder. Is it not autumn’s most perfect food? It soothes. It warms. It comforts. The bounty of veggies available in the fall virtually begs to be chopped, mashed, pureed, and reduced into a steaming bowl of goodness. It’s also a great option in a down economy. You can have a hearty lunch of soup, usually served with a hunk of bread or crackers, for three or four bucks. A soup lover since childhood, I decided to go out and learn more—to see if there might be a veritable soup culture here in my favorite city.

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