In the beginning

What a month. Finally we are sans houseguests, after 3 sets in a row. I love having them of course, but the work to be done in the yard was piling up and up and up. Yesterday I spent a blissful (and back-breaking) afternoon catching up and checking out the progress of the garden. The way things grow here in Oregon still amazes me after nearly four years. The consummate pessimist, I am floored by the progress my plants have made since I started this garden in the fall of 2006. Come to think of it, I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made since the fall of 2006. But that would be another post entirely.

John bought this house in the summer of 2006 and it was a wreck.  But loads of potential lay hidden behind the foil and velvet wallpaper, pea-green shag carpet, and the enormous yard shrouded in miles of tangled bindweed. He set immediately to fixing the inside of the house, and I headed out to see what could be done in the garden.

The perimeter of the house was dutifully lined with prim rose bushes – once cared for I’m sure, but that ended years ago.  They were a leggy mess. Other than that, the 80′ x 100′ space was covered in grass and specimen quality weeds. On the north side of the house was an enormous covered porch, with astro turf for carpet and leaky skylights in the ceiling. I envisioned a demolition that would afford me an extra 900 square feet of gardening space.

And so it was done – we tore down the whole building, had someone come in and cut away the concrete foundation to leave a small patio and walk, and then John rototilled, and rototilled, and rototilled. We dumped in truck loads of compost, we dug out mountains of garbage and concrete.


Then we planted and prayed we’d amended the soil enough to grow something.


Low and behold, a couple of somethings did grow, quite well even, in that first year.


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