Gilt Club Becomes Foodie Destination

Although Gilt Club has been a popular spot for over five years, owner Jamie Dunn knew that it was time for a change. The economic downturn has left no Portland restaurant untouched, and Gilt Club was no exception. But Dunn also saw an opportunity—a chance for a shot of creativity to enliven the menu—a revitalization that would fit the changing palette of Portland diners.

“I had a lot of ideas, and I needed a chef with the enthusiasm and know-how to execute it,” Dunn says. The addition of Chris Carriker—who has worked at Meriwethers, 23Hoyt, and Wildwood—created a ready and willing partner for Dunn. The all-new menu is loaded with options—not just variety in the types of cuisine (Pacific Northwest, French, Italian), but also in the portions, and in a well-balanced wine list (old and new world; wine values to worthy splurges). To read this article in its entirety, please visit Neighborhood Notes.

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