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Portland’s Cannabis Café Closes. NORML to Woodlawn Neighbors: ‘We Should Have Listened’

“We should have heeded the warning,” Madeline Martinez, executive director of Oregon NORML admits. I met her in Woodlawn Park, where she was holding an impromptu meeting for NORML members. The meeting was originally to be held in Rumpspankers—where the Cannabis Café had resided for the past six months, but according to Martinez, the Solomons cancelled the meeting at the last minute, and locked them out of the building. The Solomons were unveiling their plan to continue the medical marijuana café themselves, under the new name, The Vapor Room, and without the support or partnership of Oregon NORML.

Woodlawn School Hopes to Find a Principal with Passion, Experience, and an Understanding of Diversity

Woodlawn Elementary School, in the Northeast neighborhood of Woodlawn, is in the market for a new principal. The current principal, Lemil Speed, will finish this school year, but the process for finding his replacement is already underway. On Wednesday, April 28th, Cynthia Gilliam, Director of Administrative Hiring and Performance Management for Portland Public Schools, led…
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Rise in Portland Sewing Studios Answers Growing Interest in Art and Business of Making Clothes

Portland is the kind of city that embraces movements—big and little shifts that enrich our lives and connect us to new skills, to the past or future, and most of all, to each other. The newest such movement seems to be sewing—people of all walks of life coming together with machines and threads and really…
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Are Eggs the New Bacon? Portland Says Yes!

Eggs, like bacon, have long been a breakfast staple of neighborhood greasy spoons. But these days, eggs are popping up on menus all over town—most commonly draped over a burger or tucked into a sandwich. Not just any eggs, mind you—eggs from local farms, because farm eggs offer more robust flavor and firm texture than…
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