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My First Year as a Mother

While the baby naps, I’ve pulled out his little lime green tinsel tree and am decorating it. There are a whole mess of glittery plastic balls,  each with a tiny silver thread with which to hang it. I notice that several loose threads lay on the bottom of the box – a sure sign that not…
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Auld Lang Syne

It was more than 20 years ago that I last haunted the halls (or smoked in the stairwells) of Raritan High School. Recently, a large portion of my class headed to the Jersey shore for a monumental reunion. Twenty years. How did that happen? I’ve never been one of those people to lament the end…
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Nine Years

I am no longer incredulous about the fact that the weather is almost unfailingly gorgeous every June 23rd. Why shouldn’t it be? The world is so lucky to have her, just as we were so lucky to have had her.