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Books on Heavy Rotation

Inspired by my friend over at The Chronicles of a Children’s Book Writer¬†blog, who asks, “It’s Monday, what are you reading?” I thought I’d share the books that are on the top of the pile over here. Yes, there are a few. There are so many great picture books – old and new – and…
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The Art and Craft of Not Knowing

I am getting old. I know this is true by the amount of times a day I shake my head in the direction of people younger than me and have thoughts that start off with “Kids today…” as if in the 80’s we were built of such better stuff. A short memory is another sign…
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Don’t Just Sit There. Write.

As I wrote in my earlier post, I have written some poems that I have a notion of turning into some children’s books. They were inspired by my son, but also by my desire to do…something. Something for him, something for the anxiety I feel about the world, something for my desire to better his…
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