A New Home For the Blanchet House

More good news for the most underserved community in our city—the Blanchet House is about to launch a major capital campaign to offset some of the costs of a brand new multi-million dollar facility on the corner of NW Glisan and NW 4th Ave. Brian Ferschweiler, Executive Director of Blanchet (which includes Blanchet House, Riley House, and Blanchet Farm) says that he is confident that, with their tremendous donor base and helpful community partners, they’ll be able to reach their goal.

“We hope to expand from the 29 beds we have now to at least 40, maybe more,” Ferschweiler says. “We’ll also have space to expand our mental health services, and seat twice as many people in a new dining room.” The biggest improvement, he thinks, will be the fact that they’ll have an indoor “queuing area,” where people waiting to be sat for a meal can wait. Currently, that area is outside of the building, and the wait can sometimes be long. Understandably, outside of the beautiful summer months in Portland, there is much inclement weather with which to contend. Patrick Daley, manager of the Blanchet House says, “Our mission is to treat the hungry with dignity and respect.” He believes giving them a warm, dry place to wait for their meals will be integral to reaching that goal.

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