Monthly Archives: September 2013

Learning the Ropes

So, Catherine and I went to our first Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators event today. It was a class entitled “I’d Like to Make a Picture Book. Now What?” It was taught by a well-known local author and illustrator, Mark Fearing. He talked about trends in picture books, elements a book should have to be both…
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Making Connections

Ok, ok, I’m on a mission and all that. But have I mentioned how amazingly FUN this is? Writing from the perspective of a little person? Working with an artist who draws from the perspective of a little person? Well, it is. It’s fun. And it makes me so happy to imagine the expression on…
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I Love Farm

I am in my happy place, and it was nothing short of a serendipitous find. We have been considering coming out to explore this area for years, and finally decided that it would be our family trip this year. We did some preliminary research and thought we might stay out at Wallowa Lake, at the…
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Don’t Just Sit There. Write.

As I wrote in my earlier post, I have written some poems that I have a notion of turning into some children’s books. They were inspired by my son, but also by my desire to do…something. Something for him, something for the anxiety I feel about the world, something for my desire to better his…
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Today is the anniversary Of the first day Of the last month Of your life I sit and listen to the rain Dashing sorrowfully against the window and wonder Would I have done things differently Had I known? I think back to holding your hand Brushing away remaining wisps of hair Of never leaving without…
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Skin ashen beneath afternoon fog Time to move onward Upward Pushing through earth Like a young shoot Only not so green Just a little stunted I stretch out for light Feel it spread across me Gather up just myself Head into the sun The rest–lost in the glare Goes by unmissed

End of the Drought

Soaked through with sweat Just standing still Breathing almost too much to bear The sky, the dull side of tin foil Suddenly a breeze blows up The sky heaves in closer, then angry It turns the purplish-white of an underripe eggplant Birds gather in the bare field Anticipating the push of worms The road grows…
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