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Nine Years

I am no longer incredulous about the fact that the weather is almost unfailingly gorgeous every June 23rd. Why shouldn’t it be? The world is so lucky to have her, just as we were so lucky to have had her.

Portland’s Cannabis Café Closes. NORML to Woodlawn Neighbors: ‘We Should Have Listened’

“We should have heeded the warning,” Madeline Martinez, executive director of Oregon NORML admits. I met her in Woodlawn Park, where she was holding an impromptu meeting for NORML members. The meeting was originally to be held in Rumpspankers—where the Cannabis Café had resided for the past six months, but according to Martinez, the Solomons cancelled the meeting at the last minute, and locked them out of the building. The Solomons were unveiling their plan to continue the medical marijuana café themselves, under the new name, The Vapor Room, and without the support or partnership of Oregon NORML.