Monthly Archives: January 2010

Growing Medical Marijuana: Bringing Crime to a Neighborhood Near You?

First the of possession of marijuana was decriminalized, then growing and using marijuana for medical purposes was legalized (with a permit), and then the nation’s first Cannabis Café, where card holders can go to socialize and smoke pot, opened in the Woodlawn neighborhood. So many groundbreaking changes to Oregon law in a relatively short time,…
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Southeast Stark Street Business District Revives Montavilla’s Glory Days

So many Portland stories have something to do with creativity, forward-thought and collaboration. The story about the burgeoning Stark Street business district in the Montavilla neighborhood is just such a feel-good story that I’m eager to write. Part of the larger Montavilla/East Tabor Business Association, the area along SE Stark Street between 82nd and 75th…
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