Monthly Archives: October 2009

A New Home For the Blanchet House

More good news for the most underserved community in our city—the Blanchet House is about to launch a major capital campaign to offset some of the costs of a brand new multi-million dollar facility on the corner of NW Glisan and NW 4th Ave. Brian Ferschweiler, Executive Director of Blanchet (which includes Blanchet House, Riley…
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The Depave Project: Free Your Soil

I can’t help but think of the Talking Heads song as I sit and learn about Depave from Hindi Iserhott. Once there were parking lots Now it’s a peaceful oasis The plan sounds fantastical. An excited mob of volunteers descend upon an unsuspecting patch of asphalt and pulverize it. Then, as if that wasn’t enough,…
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Discover Portland Neighborhoods: Goose Hollow

Goose Hollow. A neighborhood nestled at the foot of the West Hills, often associated with century-old homes and an “old guard” feeling. While it is true that Goose Hollow is one of the earliest Portland neighborhoods, boasting some gorgeous views from its hilly streets, it is much more diverse than it is sometimes given credit…
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