Monthly Archives: April 2009

Infidelity in the Modern Age

I used to spend more than my fair share of time on Facebook. I am a lover of nostalgia, and so got a huge kick out of finding old friends who I haven’t seen since high school or even earlier. After a while, however, it became more of a social experiment than a networking tool….
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In the beginning

What a month. Finally we are sans houseguests, after 3 sets in a row. I love having them of course, but the work to be done in the yard was piling up and up and up. Yesterday I spent a blissful (and back-breaking) afternoon catching up and checking out the progress of the garden. The…
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Moody Weather

The schizophrenic spring weather is getting on my nerves. I do appreciate that that this is just the nature of change that it comes in fits and starts, but I can’t help but bemoan the havoc it wreaks on my progress in the garden. I’ll trudge out into the chilly gloom with boots and wool…
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